PE Polyester Prepainted Aluminium Stripe For Exterior Blinds
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PE Polyester Prepainted Aluminium Stripe For Exterior Blinds

This polyester-coated aluminium creates a uniform surface due to the high level of production control. It minimizes thicker painted areas at edges and corners or the "orange peel" texture typically associated with powder coatings. PE coatings are a more cost-effective option than PVDF coatings, but are less durable.
This energy-efficient coating technology is baked at low temperatures, making it ideal for both interior and exterior applications. Additionally, it allows for easy coating of large panels, curves, and complex shapes.
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PE Polyester Prepainted Aluminium Stripe Product Parameter

The PE polyester coated aluminium provides a very uniform surface. Due to the high level of production control, thicker painted areas at edges and corners or the "orange peel" texture typically associated with powder coatings is minimized. PE coatings are a more cost-effective option than PVDF coatings, but are less durable.
Baked at low temperatures, it is an energy-efficient coating technology for interior and exterior applications. Large panels, curves and complex shapes can be easily coated.
UV stabilized and weather resistant, its properties can be tailored to the needs of a specific application, and different levels of gloss can be specified

All PPC aluminium products are known for their functionality and are available in a variety of RAL or BS colours. "PPC" stands for Polyester Powder Coating, a coloring process used in architectural fabrication to achieve bold and bright finishes, including a full range of metallic colors.

Polyester powder coating is a dry coating that can replace traditional liquid coatings. It is applied electrostatically to building fabrications, which are then heated to form a protective "skin". By using this electrostatic powder process, we ensure that any size and shape can be manufactured with a uniform finish.
Aluminum is a metal that is usually powder coated to give it a durable finish and decorative appearance. Powder coating is a three-step process including preparation, application and handling.
Because it is designed for exterior use, polyester powder coatings leave a harder surface than regular paints. Strong corrosion-resistant properties make it extremely durable and long-lasting.
By choosing PPC aluminum, you can ensure an excellent finish. Polyester powder coatings are designed to eliminate any imperfections, such as dripping, which are common in painted finishes. It also achieves excellent color retention in outdoor exposures where improved weatherability is required.
If you want to make your project as environmentally friendly as possible, PPC aluminum is an excellent choice. It is considered to be more energy and material saving than other coloring techniques.

1. PE Polyester Paint Properties for Front Side:




Testing Basis


Coating thickness

Total: Nominal thk. 24 µm Primer: 5 ±1.5 µm Finishing lacquer: 19 ±1.3 µm

ASTM D 1400


Gloss 60°

30E ±5E

Max. tolerance per batch ±3E

ASTM D 523



W-Purchase color reference no. 2000 corresponding to NCS S-7500-N (Cool Grey)

ΔL* = ±0.7

Δa* = ±0.7

Δb* = ±0.7

Max: ΔE*ab 1.0

Recommended values for reference color no. 2000: L= 38.5 a= 0.12 b= -0.15

ASTM D 2244

The reference color samples are stored at –10°C or lower

Color geometry 45/0

Observer angle 2°

Illuminate D6S

Color system CIElab


Pencil hardness

Min: F

ASTM D 3363


Cracking resistance to rapid deformation

No cracking after an impact of 10 Nm per mm thickness.

ASTM D 2794


Lacquer resistance, Erichsen Method

No dissolution of lacquer after

4 mm by adhesive tape test.

EN ISO 1520, 1995


T-bending at 22 ±2°C


ASTM D 4145






To be measured on washed components.

Gloss 60°: Remainder of gloss min.

10% of the original gloss.

Change of color max: ΔE*ab ≤5.


Gloss: ASTM D 523

Color: ASTM D 2244


Resistance to "nature"

To be measured on washed components.

Gloss: Remainder of gloss 80% of the original gloss.

Change of color: Max: ΔE*ab ≤5

Florida 45° South after 3 years.

Gloss: ASTM D 523

Colour: ASTM D 2244


Salt fog test


1008h Neutral

No formation of blisters or lacquer dissolution on untreated material corners.

504h Acetic Acid

No formation of blisters or lacquer dissolution on untreated material corners. Max. migration from the cutting edge 1.5 mm.

ASTM B 117

ASTM B 287


Water immersion resistance

1000h at 40º

No formation of blisters or lacquer dissolution on untreated material corners.

Max. migration from the cutting edge

0.5 mm.

ASTM D 870


2. Prepainted Aluminum Coating Thickness Range: 0.024mm~2.00mm

3. Color Coating Aluminum Slitting Width Range: 15mm~2650mm

4. Popular Color: White, Silver, Anthracite Grey, Brown, Wooden texture, …We can follow any color of RAL K5 & K7, Pantone, or clients’ customized colors

5. Edge burrs of painted aluminium stripes: Edge burrs must not cause problems in the production and they must be as small as possible.

PE Polyester Prepainted Aluminium Stripe's Advantages

1. high level of shading

2. thermoregulation and protective effect

3. decrease in the level of outside noise

4. lower profile from the extruded aluminium

5. electric control option

6. decrease in the noise from the blinds (impressed rubber)

7. guaranteed area of up to 24 m2.

Polyester (PE) Painted Aluminium Coil Application:

Powder coated aluminium, also referred to as polyester coated aluminium, is a highly sought-after option for a variety of applications due to its endurance, resistance to weather, and capacity to be produced in a wide array of colours. Some specific uses comprise

building exteriors, where polyester coated aluminium is commonly used for cladding, curtain walls, and roofing systems due to its resilience and resistance to weather.

Windows and doors: Polyester-coated aluminium is utilised for both interior and exterior window and door frames, as it offers excellent resistance to weather conditions.

Advertising and signage: Polyester-coated aluminium is chosen for billboards, signs and other advertising displays owing to its endurance against weather and durability.

Transportation: Polyester-coated aluminium is employed for buses, trains and other modes of transportation for the same reasons: weather resistance and sturdiness.

Industrial application: Polyester-coated aluminium finds use in harsh industrial environments due to its resistance to chemicals and high temperatures.

Furniture: This material is used in manufacturing outdoor furniture and decorative items, where it's chosen for its durability and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Automotive: Polyester coated aluminium is utilized in the automotive industry as a safeguarding coating for car components, delivering excellent resistance against severe weather conditions whilst it is also simple to clean.

Appliances: Polyester coated aluminium is implemented as an exterior material for appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens due to its robustness and ability to resist scratches and stains.

Polyester-coated aluminium is renowned for its exceptional resistance to corrosion and versatility. It can be readily cut and formed, and provides a sleek surface which is effortless to maintain.


PE Polyester Prepainted Aluminium Stripe's Ordering

Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ)

2~5MT each spec.

Essential info. for an inquiry

Alloy&temper, size including thickness, width, coating type

Aluminium material can be provided as coils, stripes, slats according to clients requirement

Painted aluminium coils Packing

Inner Core material

Paper Core

Inner Core Diameter

405 / 505mm

Outer packing material


Wooden pallet for Ocean transportation with wooden runners between each pan


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