Compared with aluminum magnesium manganese roof panels and color steel tiles, which one is better?
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Compared with aluminum magnesium manganese roof panels and color steel tiles, which one is better?

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      The functions of aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy roof panels and color steel tiles are the same. They are both used as waterproofing and insulation materials for building exterior walls and roofs. However, compared with color steel tiles, aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy roof panels are inferior to color steel tiles. Apart from being more expensive than color steel tiles, aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing is much more advantageous than color steel tiles in other conveniences. Let me briefly introduce to you what are the advantages of aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panels.

       First of all, the color steel tiles are fixed by drilling holes with screws. When affected by seasonal changes and the temperature difference between day and night, the position of the screw holes will change to a certain extent when it receives repeated forces. Over time, the holes in the screws will become larger and deformed. , water leakage occurs, and the water corrodes the steel tiles, and the nail holes will become larger and larger. However, the aluminum-magnesium rust roof panels are different. The hidden buckle fixation method they use can move up and down, and may occur when affected by temperature. A certain space for activities can effectively avoid the impact of temperature on the roof. The width can also be moved freely with the support as the axis to avoid the influence of temperature on the width.

        There is also the problem of the self-weight of aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofs. Compared with the weight of color steel tiles, it is only 3/1 of the color steel tiles, which effectively reduces the weight of the building. Although aluminum-magnesium roof panels are light in weight, their strength is no worse than that of color steel tiles. The manganese element contained in the material effectively improves its own strength.

      The conductive performance of the halo surface is very good. With the mature lightning protection system design, the roof panel can be used as an air terminal alone without the need for lightning protection strips. The aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy roof panels can also be used in conjunction with lightning protection strips or lightning rods to form a safe multiple lightning protection system. 

      The surface coating increases the resistance to acid rain and industrial corrosion. The aluminum-magnesium-manganese alloy roof panel is also unresponsive to ultraviolet rays, resistant to microorganisms, and not easy to age.

          Finally, we must not talk about the economics of aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panels: although they are more expensive than color steel tiles in terms of price, color steel tiles will rot after being used for many years, and the purchase price is lower, while aluminum-magnesium-manganese roof panels are corrosion-resistant. The purchase price is higher and 80% can be recycled.

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