Beer label Aluminum Foil
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Beer label Aluminum Foil

  • 8011 O


  • 7607110000



    Beer label aluminum foil is aluminum foil for labeling bottled beer.
Its printed shape is exquisite and fashionable, and it is widely used in beer canning industry.
    The thickness of beer label aluminum foil is usually 0.010-0.0115mm, and the width specification is between 300-500mm, which belongs to the category of single zero foil. The alloy composition, casting process and heat treatment process all have an important influence on the mechanical properties of the single-zero foil final product. Therefore, the 8××× alloy series with certain strength and elongation and excellent formability is the first choice. 8011 alloy is generally used for the production of aluminum foil materials such as air-conditioning foil fins, medical bottle caps, anti-theft caps for non-pressure beverages and foreign wine, and wine bottle caps, with good formability.  


Production Process of 8011 Beer label Aluminium Foil

      The 8011 beer label  aluminum foil manufacturing process generally goes through casting, homogenization, surface treatment, hot rolling, cold rolling, foil rolling, washing, winding, annealing, and finally cutting.

  aluminium foil

8011 Beer label  Aluminum Foil Structure

     Aluminum is a very active metal, so it is easily oxidized by oxygen in the air to form aluminum oxide at normal temperature and pressure. Aluminum oxide is a dense protective film, which can prevent some substances from further corroding aluminum.


Specification of 8011 Beer label Aluminum Foil

Product Name

Beer label Aluminum Foil


 8011 O


    0.2mm-300mm or as required


    3mm-2000mm or as required


    2000mm,2440mm,6000mm,or as required.




    Hot rolled/Cold rolled

Thickness tolerance



  Food Packaging Foil, Single Zero Foil, Battery Foil, Electronic Foil, Aluminum Tape, Medicinal Foil, Air Conditioner Foil, Heat Seal Foil, etc

Export Packing

   Waterproof paper,and steel strip packed.Standard Export Seaworthy Package.
   Suit for all kinds of transport,or as required

Aadvantage of 8011 Beer label  Aluminium Foil


  1. High Visual Appeal: Beer label aluminum foil can be easily designed and printed with a range of colors, logos, and graphics that enhance the visual appeal of the beer bottle. The foil's metallic luster can also add a luxurious touch to the overall packaging.

2.Durability and Shelf Life: Beer label aluminum foil is highly durable and can withstand various environmental conditions, such as moisture, light, and oxygen exposure, for extended periods. This ensures that the label remains readable, intact, and attractive over time, maintaining the freshness and value of the beer.

3.Protection of Content: Beer label aluminum foil effectively seals and protects the beer from external factors that may affect its quality and taste. The foil's barrier properties prevent moisture, light, and oxygen from penetrating the bottle, maintaining the integrity and flavor of the beer.

4.Safety and Hygiene: Beer label aluminum foil is non-toxic and inert, ensuring that it does not contain any harmful substances that could leach into the beer or come into contact with the consumer. The use of aluminum foil also complies with food packaging regulations and hygiene standards, providing peace of mind to consumers.

5.Recyclability: Beer label aluminum foil is 100% recyclable, as it can be easily separated from the bottle and processed for reuse at the end of its useful life. Recycling aluminum reduces waste and saves natural resources, making it environmentally friendly.

6.Flexibility and Adaptability: Beer label aluminum foil is highly flexible and can be easily cut, shaped, and molded to fit different bottle shapes and sizes. This provides designers with the freedom to create unique and custom-designed labels that fit specific beer brands and styles.

7..Cost-Effective: Although aluminum is a relatively expensive material compared to some other packaging materials, beer label aluminum foil is cost-effective due to its durability and longevity. The initial investment in aluminum foil packaging pays off in the long run by extending the shelf life . 


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