What is the difference between coloured aluminium and ordinary aluminium alloy?
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What is the difference between coloured aluminium and ordinary aluminium alloy?

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Coloured aluminium and ordinary aluminium alloy are two common building decoration materials, they are both made of aluminium or aluminium alloy after surface treatment, which have the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, easy processing and so on. However, there are some obvious differences between them, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:



Colored aluminium is more colorful than ordinary aluminium alloy, and can be customized with various colors or patterns according to customers' needs, while ordinary aluminium alloy has only one or two colors, usually silver-white or golden-yellow. The colour of coloured aluminium is achieved by applying a special coating on the surface of the aluminium sheet, which can resist the erosion of the harsh environment such as ultraviolet rays, acid rain and salt spray, and keep the colour stable and long-lasting. The colour of ordinary aluminium alloy, on the other hand, is achieved by oxidation treatment on the surface of the aluminium plate, which can increase the hardness and abrasion resistance of the aluminium plate, but the choice of colors is smaller.



The thickness of coloured aluminium generally meets the national standard, which ensures the quality and strength of the product, while the thickness of ordinary aluminium alloy varies, and some small manufacturers may even use inferior raw materials to produce, which affects the performance and life of the product. The thickness of coloured aluminium is generally between 0.2mm and 0.8mm, which is selected according to different uses and requirements. The thickness of ordinary aluminium alloy has no uniform standard, and some are even lower than 0.1mm, which makes the product easy to deform, crack and fall off.



The price of coloured aluminium is much higher than ordinary aluminium alloy, because the production process of coloured aluminium is complicated, and it needs to go through many procedures, such as oxidation, colouring, coating, etc., so the price of coloured aluminium is about 300 yuan, while ordinary aluminium alloy is about 190 yuan. Of course, the price will also be affected by the brand, specifications, market supply and demand and other factors .


Scope of application

Due to its beauty, durability and environmental protection, coloured aluminium is widely used in building facades, doors, windows, curtain walls, ceilings, partitions, etc., while ordinary aluminium alloys are mainly used in industry, transportation, electronics and other fields. Coloured aluminium can be matched and designed according to the architectural style and individual needs, increasing the beauty and grade of the building. Ordinary aluminium alloys are more often used in the manufacture of machine parts, vehicle components, circuit boards and other products to improve the performance and efficiency of products.


In conclusion, although both coloured aluminium and ordinary aluminium alloy use aluminium as the main raw material, there are obvious differences in terms of colour, thickness, price and application scope.

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