1085 Anodized mirror aluminum sheet
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1085 Anodized mirror aluminum sheet

  • 1085 anodized aluminum sheet


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       1085 Anodized aluminum sheet refers to an aluminum sheet that has undergone a process called anodization. Anodization is an electrochemical process that enhances the natural oxide layer on the surface of aluminum, making it thicker, more durable, and often more colorful. 

     The objectives of anodizing are to form a layer of aluminum oxide surrounding the part to protect the substrate against corrosion, fatigue, and in some cases, giving a better decorative finish. This thin oxide structure originates from the aluminum substrate and is composed entirely of aluminum oxide. The anodic layer is not applied to the surface like paint or plating, it is fully integrated with the underlying aluminum substrate. This layer is a highly ordered and porous structure, and allows a secondary process such as coloring and sealing.


Specification of 1085 Anodized Aluminium Sheets


Anodized aluminum sheet




0.17 to 1mm


1000mm 1200mm 1250mm


All colors/as Per Clients Need






Export standard  wooden pallets (as per requirements)    

Payment Terms

30% T/T in advance as deposit,70% balance against the B/L copy or 100% irrevocable L/C at sight

Minimum Order Quanlity

1TONS (According to specifications)

Delivery time

25 days after receiving L/C or deposit

1085 Anodized aluminum sheet's benefits:

Increased Durability: The anodized layer is much harder than the original aluminum surface, making it more resistant to scratches, wear, and corrosion.

Corrosion Resistance: The thickened oxide layer acts as a barrier against environmental factors that could lead to corrosion.

Color Options: Anodized aluminum can be dyed during the process, allowing for a range of color choices. The porous nature of the anodized layer allows dyes to be absorbed, creating a durable and vibrant finish.

Aesthetic Appeal: Anodized aluminum has a sleek and modern appearance, making it a popular choice for architectural and design applications.

Electrical Insulation: The anodized layer is an excellent electrical insulator, which can be useful in electronic applications.

Lubrication Retention: The porous structure of the anodized layer can retain lubricants, making it suitable for applications where friction reduction is necessary.

Ease of use:Anodized aluminum sheets are more manageable for many companies than a large coil of anodized aluminum. They’re easier to handle, especially if your company manufactures small parts or consumer goods. With a smaller sheet of anodized aluminum, employees can easily move and manage the anodized sheets that enter your facility.


1085 Anodized aluminum sheet Process Flow:

       Anodizing can enhance the characteristics of one aspect of aluminum plate, and the process of anodizing needs to go through the following 9 steps to complete.


Mechanical polishing - degreasing - washing - chemical polishing - washing - anodizing - washing - sealing - mechanical brightening.


1085 Anodized  aluminium sheets  application

  1.  Building decoration: Anodized  aluminium sheets can replace glass for use in curtain walls, ceilings, partitions and other parts of buildings. It not only saves weight but also enhances the aesthetic appearance of buildings.

2.  Automotive decoration:Anodized  aluminium sheets can be used as automotive mirrors, door handles, decorative strips and other parts. It has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can effectively maintain the surface quality of the car body.

3.  Home appliances: Anodized  aluminium sheets can be used as mirrors and reflectors in home appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners and microwave ovens. It can enhance the aesthetic appearance and practicality of home appliances.

4.  Furniture: Anodized  aluminium sheets can be used as tabletops, cabinet doors and other parts of furniture. It has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can enhance the aesthetic appearance and practicality of furniture.

5.   Optical devices: Anodized  aluminium sheets can be used as reflectors in various optical devices such as LED lamps and headlights. It has good reflectivity and wear resistance, and can enhance the brightness and service life of optical devices.


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FAQ of 1085 Anodised Aluminium Sheets

Q:How long does anodised Aluminium last?

A:Anodizing provides a thin aluminum oxide layer, which will deteriorate over time. Depending on the thickness and quality of the anodization, the surface should last 10-20 years.

Q:Is anodized aluminum rust proof?

A:Neither standard nor anodized aluminum can rust. However, they can still corrode when exposed to moisture, air, salt or other corrosion-inhibiting compounds or elements. But anodized aluminum is less likely to corrode than standard aluminum because they have a thicker layer of oxide.

Q:Does anodized aluminum change color over time?

A:The appearance can change due to: superficial cosmetic degradation of the anodic coating (not the aluminium metal); colour change; pitting corrosion of the aluminium under the anodic coating

Q:Does anodizing fade over time?

A:With outdoor use, some progressive fading over time is unavoidable. Also, black anodized items will fade with organic dyes as the coloring material. The reason is that organic dyes cannot withstand UV light exposure. 


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