Anodized mirror aluminum coil
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Anodized mirror aluminum coil

  • anodized aluminum coil


  • 7606125000




        Anodized aluminum coil refers to a continuous roll or sheet of aluminum that has undergone a process called anodization. Anodization is an electrochemical process that enhances the natural oxide layer on the surface of aluminum, making it thicker, more durable, and often providing a decorative or protective finish.

Specification of  Anodized Aluminium Coils


Anodized aluminum coil




0.17 to 1mm


1000mm 1200mm 1250mm


All colors/as Per Clients Need






Export standard  wooden pallets (as per requirements)    

Payment Terms

30% T/T in advance as deposit,70% balance against the B/L copy or 100% irrevocable L/C at sight

Minimum Order Quanlity

1TONS (According to specifications)

Delivery time

25 days after receiving L/C or deposit

 Anodized aluminum coil's benefits:

Increased Corrosion Resistance: The thickened oxide layer provides excellent corrosion resistance, making anodized aluminum suitable for outdoor and marine applications.

Durability: Anodized aluminum is more scratch-resistant and less prone to wear and tear than untreated aluminum.

Aesthetic Options: Anodized aluminum can be produced in a variety of colors and finishes, making it a popular choice for architectural and decorative purposes.

Environmental Benefits: Anodizing is an environmentally friendly process because it doesn't involve the use of harmful chemicals.

Anodized aluminum is commonly used in construction for cladding, window frames, and facades, as well as in various industries for components that require corrosion resistance and a durable finish. It is also utilized in consumer products like cookware, electronics, and automotive parts, among others.



Anodized aluminum sheet Process Flow:

       Anodizing can enhance the characteristics of one aspect of aluminum plate, and the process of anodizing needs to go through the following 9 steps to complete.


Mechanical polishing - degreasing - washing - chemical polishing - washing - anodizing - washing - sealing - mechanical brightening.


Anodized  aluminium sheets  application

1.Architectural and Building Construction:

Facades and cladding: Anodized aluminum coil is often used for exterior cladding, as it provides a durable and weather-resistant surface finish.

Window and door frames: Anodized aluminum frames offer both aesthetic appeal and protection against corrosion and fading.

Roofing and roofing trim: Anodized aluminum is used in roofing materials and trim to enhance longevity and resistance to environmental factors.

2.Automotive Industry:

Exterior trim: Anodized aluminum is used for trim pieces, grilles, and other decorative elements on vehicles due to its corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal.

Wheels: Anodized aluminum wheels are popular for their durability and stylish appearance.

3.Aerospace Applications:

Aircraft components: Anodized aluminum is used for various parts and components in aircraft due to its lightweight nature and corrosion resistance.

4.Consumer Electronics:

Smartphone and laptop casings: Anodized aluminum is employed for the casings of electronic devices, offering both durability and a sleek appearance.

Camera bodies: Camera manufacturers often use anodized aluminum for the construction of camera bodies due to its lightweight and durable properties.

5.Cookware and Kitchen Appliances:

Pots, pans, and kitchen utensils: Anodized aluminum cookware is known for its non-stick properties, even heat distribution, and resistance to scratches and corrosion.

Kitchen appliance housing: Anodized aluminum is used for the exterior of appliances like toasters, blenders, and coffee makers for its durability and attractive finish.

6.Industrial and Manufacturing:

Conveyor systems: Anodized aluminum components are used in conveyor systems due to their 

resistance to wear, corrosion, and abrasion.

Industrial equipment: Anodized aluminum is employed in various industrial equipment for its resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

7.Signage and Displays:

Outdoor signs: Anodized aluminum is often used for outdoor signs due to its resistance to fading and corrosion.

Display stands: It is used in trade show displays, retail shelving, and exhibition stands for its lightweight and durable properties.

8.Marine and Nautical:

Boat trim and hardware: Anodized aluminum is commonly used in the marine industry due to its resistance to saltwater corrosion.

9.Medical Equipment:

Anodized aluminum is used for the construction of medical instruments and equipment, thanks to its corrosion resistance and ease of sterilization.

10.Art and Design:

Artists and designers use anodized aluminum for sculptures, artwork, and decorative elements due to its versatility and aesthetic appeal.


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FAQ of Anodised Aluminium Coils

Q:How long does anodised Aluminium last?

A:Anodizing provides a thin aluminum oxide layer, which will deteriorate over time. Depending on the thickness and quality of the anodization, the surface should last 10-20 years.

Q:Is anodized aluminum rust proof?

A:Neither standard nor anodized aluminum can rust. However, they can still corrode when exposed to moisture, air, salt or other corrosion-inhibiting compounds or elements. But anodized aluminum is less likely to corrode than standard aluminum because they have a thicker layer of oxide.

Q:Does anodized aluminum change color over time?

A:The appearance can change due to: superficial cosmetic degradation of the anodic coating (not the aluminium metal); colour change; pitting corrosion of the aluminium under the anodic coating

Q:Does anodizing fade over time?

A:With outdoor use, some progressive fading over time is unavoidable. Also, black anodized items will fade with organic dyes as the coloring material. The reason is that organic dyes cannot withstand UV light exposure. 


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