Why is the wood grain side facing up when it is produced, but when the customer receives the roll, the wood grain side is facing down?
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Why is the wood grain side facing up when it is produced, but when the customer receives the roll, the wood grain side is facing down?

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Recently, we have received feedback from customers in South America about woodgrain coatd aluminum coil information. The general situation is as follows: According to the contract ordering requirements, customer-customized double side color coated aluminum coils have a wood grain color on the front and a customer-specified color on the back. 

Our company ordered materials for bulk production in full compliance with customer requirements. During the bulk production process, our salespersons and workshop quality inspectors were very cautious about the production of this batch of goods, and have repeatedly warned about the coating requirements for paint.

However, when the customer received the coils two months later, They complained that why wood grain on the back side , and the signle black color on top side.

This situation made both us and the customer very confused. Therefore, the customer was very angry with our company and requested return of all the coils they received.

Does magic happened during transportation? We strictly tracked the goods and made a detailed understanding of it. We found where it happened the problem.

After we signed the contract, our company gave the production strictly in accordance with the requirements of the contract. There was no problem in it. After the production of our company was completed, it was also delivered to the designated location required by the customer in accordance with the requirements. The problem occurred in At this designated location, because the customer performs secondary processing and cutting of the goods at the designated location, the customer did not know the conditions of the processing during the secondary cutting process. During the processing, the production workshop did not notify the customer of the winding instructions. Communication was required, but the winding was carried out according to the workers' self-winding habits. The problem just happened here, resulting in rewinding during the secondary processing. Furthermore, when the goods arrived at the hands of the final customer, the colors were reversed.

Therefore, after the problem was discovered, our company analyzed and summarized the problem, and further refined the ordering and shipment inspection process in the later stage. If there is secondary processing, we must make a report on the customer's factory inspection.Otherwise, related risks and disputes might easily happen.

Lastly, is there any substantial quality problem with the final use of the large roll of the coating surface being reversed?

In fact, this is not the case. In the actual use of coated aluminum coils, there will inevitably be an unwinding process. During the unwinding process, it can be unrolled and placed according to the actual use process, there will be no substantial quality problems happen.

But as a supplier or buyer, it is best for us to ensure the consistency of delivery of goods. Minimize unnecessary differences or misunderstandings between two parties due to such non-quality issues.

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